Back To Basics, Only Different

My first lesson (again) with Ron Eschete was today.  It was a real treat and I had a good time. I felt like I learned more about playing in the hour I spent with him than I have in decades!

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The Music Lesson

OK. This won’t be a music lesson per se, so calm down… The Music Lesson: A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music is actually a book by Victor Wooten. If you don’t  know who he is, he’s probably best recognized for his contributions as the bassist for the Flecktones (as in Bela Fleck and the […]

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(Jazz) Tunes That Players *Must* Know

In the opening paragraph of the preface to David Baker’s book “How To Learn Tunes” (Jamey Aebersold Jazz), he quotes Barry Harris (from Jazz Changes, “I can go to any part of the country, meet good musicians and we could play as if we had played together all of our lives, and the only […]

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Operating Principles for Guitarists

I started thinking about what were the key operating principles at play in my return to music that a guitarist could use as guidance in how to approach music and their instrument of choice. While this is titled “for Guitarists”, I think that most of these are applicable to any instrument and something that any […]

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