Back To Basics, Only Different

My first lesson (again) with Ron Eschete was today.  It was a real treat and I had a good time. I felt like I learned more about playing in the hour I spent with him than I have in decades!

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“Your Cheating Heart…”

OK. You’re likely wondering: Why that title? Is this a tribute post to Hank, Sr? Is kengon crazy? (yes, but not in a clinical sense)

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My Days at GIT (Part 1)

There are lots of things that fondly I remember about MI. I was there in ’87-88. The daily drive to Hollywood was NOT one of them. Some might say think that it was the environment, the classes, the facility, etc. The highlight for me was the instructors.

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Peak Experience

I spent my last year in the Marine Corps in Okinawa. I’d heard of Musicians Institute and the Guitar Institute of Technology, because I used to buy magazines like “Guitar Player” and “Guitar for the Practicing Musician” (actually was a charter subscriber on the latter).  It was my intention to be a professional musician. OK. […]

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Never say never again…

In the Fall of 1988, I graduated from the Guitar program at Musicians Insitute in Hollywood, CA. (Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it!). It was a great time to be there. There were lots of great instructors and it was a very intense experience. I’ll be talking more about this later.

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