Back To Basics, Only Different

My first lesson (again) with Ron Eschete was today.  It was a real treat and I had a good time. I felt like I learned more about playing in the hour I spent with him than I have in decades!

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New Music Study Directions

OK. I did it. I made a change. I ended my enrollment at the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute.

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The Tipping Point

Insights are funny things. You never know when they’re going to come or exactly what effect they are going to have.

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Never say never again…

In the Fall of 1988, I graduated from the Guitar program at Musicians Insitute in Hollywood, CA. (Seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it!). It was a great time to be there. There were lots of great instructors and it was a very intense experience. I’ll be talking more about this later.

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