Still working hard, but still playing!

OK. I doubt there will ever be a point in my life where I am not working hard, but I am certainly keeping my playing up. My work with Ron Eschete continues and is going well. He continually inspires me and provides me with sources of fresh ideas. In fact, I was just noticing the […]

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Start With An Ambitious Goal!

Yes, I think this is indeed the case. So, I decided that I am going to set myself a goal for 2011 — I am going to pick a block of tunes that are either my favorites or are just interesting to play and I am going to record an album in 2011.

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Been Busy (Again)

Sorry that I’ve gotten busy again and dropped off the blogging. I have had lots of work to do and not much time. Have had a number of lessons with Ron Eschete and they have been great. Really learning a lot from him. Spending a lot of time analyzing and playing through different arrangements of […]

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Lesson Three…

Went for my THIRD lesson with Ron Eschete yesterday! Oh my. It’s been GREAT and INTENSE!

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“Africa” a capella – WOW!

Thanks to FooteMAN for the lead on this. I would normally reserve room on my blog for just writing stuff, but this is too good to not share with you.

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