Lesson Four

Went for my fourth lesson with Ron Eschete this past week. I get enough ideas and things to work on that I NEED the two weeks between lessons to work through the things he gets me thinking about.

It’s a real pleasure to be getting that kind of direction from someone like Ron.

Looking at things historically, during my time at GIT, I spent most of my time working on learning how to be a guitar player and music theory. Think of it as a swinging  pendulum. Went from not knowing a whole lot to knowing a whole lot (first swing). Next swing was during my re-discovery of music close to about two-three years ago (something like that, who’s counting? :-) ). That represented a shift marked by ear training and playing by ear. This ultimately led to my enrollment and the work I did at JBGI. This was the next swing of the pendulum.

The work that I am doing now is basically to stop the swing and get off that ride! There is value in both understanding the theoretical foundations and how that works. There’s also value in ear training and listening. The two are NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, as Ron likes to say, having both left and right brain at your disposal is critical. There are times when your analysis of the situation is going to give you the path forward. There are other times when the muse/creative element will give you that.  So one of the key elements for me is to do the work on both fronts. The work that we are doing is having the two views become integrated.

I like the way that this is moving, as it speaks to my interest in development. The other thing that I am clear that I need to get done now is to find myself a regular playing situation. He credits his current level of capability with the long time that he spent playing night after night in San Diego. It’s not just the playing, but working the songs over and over again and having lots of different ways of using the tools in the toolbox. It’s one of the reasons why I like listening to Ron play. Every time I hear him play a tune, I find something new that he does with it.

Why? Because he never plays it the same twice. Could he? I’m sure he could, but he doesn’t need to. He has the mixture of the left and right brain to play with. Right now, my focus is working on the fundamentals that he’s giving me and then really listening deeply. Identifying where all of these elements come together as one whole, not discrete parts/elements.

Needless to say, the quotes that I’m getting from Ron are out of this world. Very insightful and on target.

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