It’s good to be regular…

Well, playing regular(ly) that is.

Since playing with the Usual Suspectz (see my last post), I’ve been itching to find a group that is looking to gig on a semi-regular basis. What does that mean? Shoot, I don’t know. I guess it means that I’d like to gig as often as my schedule will allow me to. As of late, it’s not been that much. In fact, I consider myself lucky when I can actually sit down and work my way through a whole song from start to finish. My work has been interfering with my music. Gee, there’s a shocker, eh? LOL

My theory was (still is) that if I find a group to be part of and have the pressure of having to play publicly, I’d actually make the time to practice on my own and make it to scheduled practices with “the band”. Sounds really good, but we’ll see how well the theory holds up when it comes to practice. Of course, I still need to knock some rust off before I go too much farther, so I guess we have a classic chicken-versus-egg problem. Fortunately, I don’t have to treat it as some sort of existentialist dilemma to make time to play. So, I am stating here publicly that  I’ll do just that.

My intent is to find 30 minutes every other day to get back to playing and then reassess my progress after a month. Additionally, during this period, I’m also going to get my private lessons with Ron Eschete kicked off. This is important for me, because it’ll help me identify a solid practice plan that will have me make consistent progress. As it turns out, it’ll be much easier for Ron to, as he’s approaching the end of  the scheduled school year and his student load drops for the summer.

So, keep watching this space for more.


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