Back on the wagon…

Well, I had a fun time tonight! Haven’t had a lot of those lately, as I’ve been working my tail off. And this involved playing music!! Which was a double treat.

My friend Doland White (yes, I do have friends, thank you very much) invited me to sit in on a rehearsal with his band — The Usual Suspectz. You can check them out here.

It was the first time I’d really had a chance to play in about 6 months (since right before I was RIF-ed from Symantec)… I’ve been a bit busy in the interim. I just really enjoyed myself. They’ve got a great little practice location and they’re good players. It’s been a long time since I’ve played straight ahead Rock/Country/Blues material and this really reminded me how fun it can actually be. We played a bunch of different stuff, because as Doland says, “… we only play the stuff we like”  :-)

As I expected, I started out a bit stiff, but things started to kick in about midway through. I also was a bit “ham fisted” on Stumpy. Heh, I was digging into it like it was my Eastman with those big ‘ol jazz strings on it. It was like playing on rubber bands. Very, very disorienting. I’m going to have to switch things up a bit more, especially if I want to play in more conventional settings like this. I also found that my soloing ability had atrophied quite a bit. I could hear where I wanted to go, but I couldn’t quite get my fingers aligned with my ears.

I also had the chance to sing tonight. Given I’ve been working my vocals with the Roger Burnley program, I’ve not really sung for anyone since starting. So, this was a treat unto itself. Though, I must admit, I was a bit ticked at myself — I forgot my warm up CD and didn’t really get the chance to warm up in the car on the way up. Despite that, I was very pleased with my singing. I’ve taken a lot of ground there and there’s still much more to take on.

Despite any of my own critique (always stuff to improve, eh?), I had a wonderful time. The guys were exceedingly generous, attentive to a visitor in their midst and just generally nice guys to spend time and play with. I’m very pleased to have had the opportunity. It’s evenings like this that inspire me and make me want to play more.

I hope I have the opportunity to play with them again some time.

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