New Music Study Directions

OK. I did it. I made a change. I ended my enrollment at the Jimmy Bruno Guitar Institute.

For what it’s worth, I want to make a few things clear:

  1. I think that Jimmy has some of the best material out there for learning about Jazz and improvisation;
  2. I learned a lot from him and from the other students;
  3. I don’t regret staying there a year or anything else about the time, money or effort I invested — it was well spent;
  4. There were a number of things that I didn’t like and I was in communication with the appropriate people about it.

I’ve decided that I am going to approach this from a new direction — I am going to arrange for private lessons AND I am going to study with the one-and-only Ron Eschete. If you don’t know who Ron is and you like jazz, you really need to get to know Ron. You can go to his website here.

Given what I am interested in working on, I felt that this was the best fit for me. There are still things that I’m working on from JBGI, but from here forward I’m taking a different approach.

One of the focus areas for me, over the rest of 2010, will be to spend more time getting tunes  under my belt. I posted on the value of that a while back, but hadn’t gotten around to it. Well, now the time has come to do so. You don’t always have the benefit of going to a lead sheet to get it done.  Some things you just need to know.

I am also going to spend more time on my chord melody chops. It’s actually one of the reasons that I want to work with Ron. He’s got a tremendous ear. He can hear stuff that most other players can only hope to hear. I think he’s also one of the most interesting guitarists around, partly I believe because of his skills in arranging. He brings that to how he plays. Very interesting from a harmonic perspective. Worth getting to know his material.

I’m hoping to get my first lesson worked out here in the next week or so. That will definitely be worth a post or two! :-)

All the best,


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