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Just wanted to give a heads up that I am now writing some content for an online music publication called Riveting Riffs. This publication crosses genres and covers a lot of different ground. I recently completed a review of “Fortuna” which is the latest release from guitarist Roni Ben-Hur. Here is the link:


One may wonder:

  • Why would kengon be interested in writing?
  • Shouldn’t you be more interested in getting back to performing?

Well, yes, I am interested in performing AND I am interested in writing. Why? Much of what I see written is well done, but lacks that quality that comes with having been a working musician. My intention is to go beyond the normal platitudes about a performance or the likes/dislikes of a particular reviewer. Indeed, I don’t want to be read as a “music critic”. I’m hoping to be able to help non-musicians get a better sense of those things that are generally invisible to those who don’t play and understand what it’s like to make music.

Of course, being able to meet new performers and listen to new music is a great opportunity. I’m really looking forward to doing more and will post here and provide links when I write new stuff. Please feel free to drop me comments on this on the blog.


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