Firefox Bug: Unable to Login to Post Replies


The last comment on Ear Training by Chris Sutton helped uncover an issue. When Chris went to post his reply, he found that he was unable to log in and post, as it treated him as if he hadn’t logged in. When he informed me of the issue, I did a quick test and was able to reproduce the behavior on my PC using Firefox 3.0.14. I next tried using IE7 and everything worked fine. So, it seems that there is some (yet to be identified) issue with my WP installation and Firefox. I’ll do some additional research and either reply or post an update. In the short-term, if you have an issue posting and want to post something, please contact me directly and I’d be happy to post on your behalf (if appropriate).


October 15, 2009 · kengon · One Comment
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  1. kengon - December 7, 2009

    OK. I’ve not heard from anyone on the login issue, but I suspect it may be since I didn’t have replies enabled for this post. Sorry about that!

    Anyhow, I’m curious whether or not this is still an issue. I’m using Firefox 3.0.15 to write this, so I’m hopeful that it’s resolved. Let me know, if it’s not.


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