Overly Optimistic…


Just when I thought I was going to get back on the mark and continue blogging, more stuff comes up. Mind you, it’s not bad, but it has deverted me from my blogging. Definitely not a good thing.

So, really, I swear — I’ll write something either today or tomorrow and get back in the “swing” of things! :-)


October 6, 2009 · kengon · 2 Comments
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  1. tinman - October 7, 2009

    Hi Ken,

    Carlo here. I have been reading all of your blogs today and I have enjoyed all of them. I hope to find you well. Please give my Aloha to Nancy!

    P.S. I left JBGI back in August.

    all the best,
    Carlo Coles

  2. kengon - October 7, 2009


    Thanks much for the nod. I hope that you’ll keep visiting and participate. Seems most of the folks that visit just “read and run”. It’s not bad, but it’s more fun to engage! :-)

    Sorry to hear you’re not doing JBGI. If you find some spare time to jam, let me know. We’ll see what we can do!

    All the best,

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