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More Ear Training Tools!

I know what you’re thinking… oh, here he goes again on an Ear Training rant! While I appreciate the vote of confidence, that’s not the point (this time). This blog is about a tool that I use on a regular basis that I wanted to share with you. We’ve already talked about Relative Pitch, but […]

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Still working hard, but still playing!

OK. I doubt there will ever be a point in my life where I am not working hard, but I am certainly keeping my playing up. My work with Ron Eschete continues and is going well. He continually inspires me and provides me with sources of fresh ideas. In fact, I was just noticing the […]

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Start With An Ambitious Goal!

Yes, I think this is indeed the case. So, I decided that I am going to set myself a goal for 2011 — I am going to pick a block of tunes that are either my favorites or are just interesting to play and I am going to record an album in 2011.

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Been Busy (Again)

Sorry that I’ve gotten busy again and dropped off the blogging. I have had lots of work to do and not much time. Have had a number of lessons with Ron Eschete and they have been great. Really learning a lot from him. Spending a lot of time analyzing and playing through different arrangements of […]

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Lesson Four

Went for my fourth lesson with Ron Eschete this past week. I get enough ideas and things to work on that I NEED the two weeks between lessons to work through the things he gets me thinking about.

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Lesson Three…

Went for my THIRD lesson with Ron Eschete yesterday! Oh my. It’s been GREAT and INTENSE!

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The Fog Is Lifting


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“There’s gold in them thar hills…”

Well, I guess it’s more correct to say that there’s gold in those words. Specifically, the things that Ron told me at my last lesson. I have been reviewing the video and making notes like a madman. A lot of ground was covered.

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Back To Basics, Only Different

My first lesson (again) with Ron Eschete was today.  It was a real treat and I had a good time. I felt like I learned more about playing in the hour I spent with him than I have in decades!

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It’s ALIVE! (at least, I am)

Yes, this is the kind of post title that is usually reserved for horror movies, I’ll give you that. Sorry. It’s just that I’m finally back writing. It’s true. Wondering why? Let me explain…

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